Submarine Mechanical Fish

Sofia osterlund screenshot003
Sofia osterlund screenshot001
Sofia osterlund screenshot001
Sofia osterlund screenshot005
Sofia osterlund zbursh persp

The entire model im Zbrush

Sofia osterlund zbrush hex

The sculpted high-poly of the head

Sofia osterlund zbrush fin

The sculpted high-poly of the fin

I have been doing so many cosy fantasy/fairy-tail stuff lately so I felt like doing something a bit more sci-fi (hopefully more is upcoming).

But this is my first encounter with Zbrush, not the best choise of concept for Zbrush I found out and I made more parts than I planned in Maya instead but it has still been a truly useful and interesting experience, the softer more organic shapes of the sea rocks on the other hand was prefect to do in Zbrush. The low polys is made with Maya, the baking is made with Marmoset Toolbag 3, the texturing is made with Quicksel and the rendering with Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Thanks for the concept art by Viinci at Deviantart