Apple Barrels
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6 meches, 4 textures (one for basket and barrels, one for the apples, one for the grass and a tiling material for the ground)

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Basket: 1,5K triangles, Barrel_Closed: 2,1K triangles, Barrel_Open: 2,3K triangles, Apple_Lod_01: 580 triangles, Apple_Lod_02: 300 triangles, Grass: 170 triangles and circular plane: 190 triangles

Apple Barrels

I wanted to make a simple yet useful prop. Barrels and crates is always a nice game prop and the abundance of apples this season gave me more inspiration. I also can't stop thinking about a chapter in Treasure Iland called "What I heard in an apple barrel" which interesting enough is followed by "Council of War".

More artwork
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