Animation Showreel

Animation Showreel

Animation Showreel

My current showreel. The animations with the Maya icon is keyframed in Maya and those with the Mobu icon is made from motion capture data in Motionbuilder.

Music "The Quest 2" by Gavin Luke at

0:00 "Albertosaurs walkcycle", rig and model by Harry Gladwin-Geohagan at

0:16 "Sword-moves", rig and model provided by

0:26 "Mo-cap soldiers", data provided by Jonas Walin

0:35 "Climbing dragon", rig and model by Troung at

0:45 "TrymBot" rig and model by me

0:50 "Tyra", rig by me and model by Catherine Jonsson and Jimmy Blomqvist

0:57 "Enemy" rig by me model by Rick Irvine

1:13 "Steam-machine", rig by me model Catherine Jonsson

1:17 "Leopard run-cycle", rig and model by Troung at

1:25 "Running roach", rig by me and model my Emelie Samberg