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I created this asset for texture-practices and for a future game environment. The asset is divided in three parts - the theodolite, the tripod and the "compass"-glass of the theodolite. The reson for it is that the tripod shall be easy the re-use, to allow the theodolite to rotate (in some versions it is further divided to allow it to be animated) and to have a separate material for the glass (especially in Marmoset Toolbag).

The total of tris of the mesh is 9391.
The Thedolite have is 5173 tris.
The Tripod have 4200 tris.
The Glass have 18 tris.

The textures has been made with Quixsel, pre-maps are made with Maya and xNormal. The model is made from scratch in Maya using references from google of "Antique theodolites" or "Old theodolites" .

More artwork
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