Pick Your Potion

Pick Your Potion, VR Game Trailer

Sofia osterlund pick your potion2

View from Workspace

Sofia osterlund pick your potion

The Workspace

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Room close-up

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Main Menu-Room

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My decorative assets with the base textures I did, we used a lot of tileables materials for smaller items such as wood, metal and stone. A great deal was handpainted by Anna, My or Emelie.

Sofia osterlund screenshot001

The tools and ingredients assets I did, the scrolls where handpainted by Anna.

Sofia osterlund screenshot004

The furniture's with their base-normals applied

Sofia osterlund screenshot007

A close up at stow, corner-table and chests.

Pick Your Potion

A VR-game project that has become double winner in the Swedish Game Awards. The game got nominated in four out of eight categories, "best execution in sound, best technical execution", "Gamers choice" and "best execution in art"! We WON in 2 of them, in technical and in sound.

This project was made in a team of 9 people. My major contribution has been trough models, basic textures and animation. I did majority of the furniture's in the work-space (all in Ikea stands measures for ergonomic work height). For those I did the high- and lowpoly mesh, baked the normals, made a color-ID and then send it off to my teammate Emelie who made the textures.

I did some of ingredients such as the roses, bones, teeth, mermanheart -(including textures) and decorations such as spiders (this texture by teammate My), spiderwebs, candles, various crystals -(including textures) and also the bottles. I also rigged and animated the cockroach.

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/PickYourPotion/

More artwork
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