Symbiosis trailer

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Hero assets by me, textures by Juras Rodionovas

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Tiling pipes in two sizes. The pipes facing the camera has an inside the rest does not (for optimization). Assets by me, textures by Juras Rodionovas

Sofia osterlund highresscreenshot00006

The most common building-blocks for the game. All tileble. Assets by me and textures by Juras Rodionovas


A Game project with the themes "Storytelling" and "Destruction". The game takes place in the abandoned research facility were a company named "Symbiosis" once tried to made genetically enhanced super humans. The games has a heavy focus on atmosphere and puzzle and the end is open for interpretations. Play the game here:

My fellow game-developers in this project is: (3D Artists) Robin Albertsson, Juras Rodionovas, Dina Berkgaut and (Design) Simon Laserna, Linus Thorelli, Douglas Ekenhammar and (2D Artists) Nomi Bontegard, Felix Stålenhag and Anthony Aaltonen.

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